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How do we choose a nursery for our child?

Updated: May 11, 2023

As a young slightly introverted mum in Edinburgh South I had not really gone to any local mother and baby groups, instead choosing to meet up with existing friends from work and university who had children of a similar age, it was easy and comfortable but perhaps made my decision about choosing a nursery slightly more difficult.

I was a stay at home mum so did not need the full day care provided by the private nurseries. All I knew was that I wanted somewhere where my child would be nurtured and looked after by experienced staff who would give them a cuddle when they fell, read them a story when they were tired and made them feel like they were safe.

Whilst at the Dr’s Surgery getting my second child’s immunisations I saw a poster on the wall for a community nursery called Duncan Street playgroup (now Newington Nursery), I did a bit of research online, my first port of call being the Care inspectorate website where you can read a report on any registered nurseries latest inspection, I also did a google search and read reviews, looked at their website and contacted the nursery to arrange a visit. I liked the fact that the staff were so experienced and really welcoming when I visited. Since joining the nursery I realised that not only did they nurture and grow my children providing them with play and learning experiences, they also provided me with a sense of community, encouraging me to get involved, taking on various voluntary board positions, fundraising and social activities. Through this I made new friends, gained confidence and continued my volunteering experience throughout my children's school years.

Here are some other parents thoughts,

"When we arrived in Edinburgh 5 years ago, we were looking for a nursery for our eldest child. First, we tried a private nursery in our area but very quickly we realized that it didn't suit our kid for many reasons. By word of mouth (playground and playgroup), 2 mums spoke to me about NEWINGTON NURSERY as the perfect gem! Nurturing, caring, experienced and qualified staff member’s, various activities, and more important a small pre-school (24 kids at maximum).

I read their website and I contacted the Childcare Administrator who replied to me very quickly and offered to visit the premises. After a reassuring discussion with the manager, we enrolled our first kid and started the adaptation. During this phase, the staff was absolutely incredible. I was allowed to stay as much as my kid needed it to and not just a couple of days. It took just a few days for my daughter to settle in, even if at the time she didn't speak English very well.

So naturally, we enrolled our second child for whom the adaptation was done as quickly as the first".

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